25 Good Reasons to Wear a SmartWatch

Smartwatches are wearable-technology devices marketed as luxury or high-tech timepieces. Smartwatch features include mobile apps, a touchscreen, and other sensors to monitor the wearer’s fitness and health. In addition to this, smartwatch manufactures have started offering smartwatches that provide android wear OS for users to customize their preferences with apps from the Google Play store. The UX of these devices is based on gestures controlled by touchscreens and voice recognition. However, many people do not find them helpful enough due to the lack of specialized features such as long battery life or a GPS chip. This article aims at introducing 25 good reasons why you should buy a smartwatch.

25 Reasons

 1: More independence from your phone

One of the main reasons to use smartwatches is that you don’t always need to carry your phone around with you. You can still receive all the alerts and messages on your wrist, which will free up the space in your pockets/purse.

 2: Health tracking

Wearable technology devices like smartwatches are now equipped with sensors used for health monitoring. A number of these incorporate heart rate monitors, accelerometers, activity trackers, etc. The information they gather can be analyzed by changing different settings on the interface of the device. By better understanding & realizing health concerns early on, it could help save lives or avoid future illnesses due to risk factor awareness.

3: Convenience

Wearable technology, remaining connected, has never been more accessible. You can check your health, place calls within seconds (not even getting off the couch), play music, read email, etc. The list goes on…

4: More connected with your phone

By using smartwatches, you are more connected to the world around you. Whether it is checking messages or calling someone, simply by raising your wrist and swiping through a few options, it is faster than taking out the phone from your pocket.

5: Customizable features like apps & widgets

With so much room for creativity built into smartwatch OS software, manufacturers have started to offer customizable features such as apps & widgets that let users tailor their experience according to individual. This makes wearing a smartwatch more fun and personal.

6: Convenience while traveling

It is definitely easier to travel with both your phone and a smartwatch rather than one or the other. You get all the benefits of having both devices without carrying them both everywhere. On top of that, you get all notifications on your wrist instead of getting them only on your phone via Bluetooth. And since it’s not a tiny little device like a fitness tracker, it’s much easier to read.

7: Replaceable straps for different occasions

Smartwatches can be worn on any occasion, depending upon which strap you choose to wear. The interchangeable bands allow changing from casual leather strap to sophisticated metal strap at will. Moreover, swapping out different straps lets you give your wrist a rest from time to time.

8: Display notifications on the go

One of the best features is receiving notifications on your watch face instead of opening your phone. You won’t be missing important alerts or calls during meetings or gatherings again! Just double-tap the screen and swipe through different options for replying directly from your smartwatch. This means you can leave your smartphone in your pocket and stay connected with the world around you.

9: Durable and sturdy design

People like having a durable device that will not break even if it falls. Smartwatches are made using metal casings and glass screens which make them more resilient than other wearables such as fitness trackers.

10: Customizable watch faces

Different watch faces are available for both Android wear and Apple watches which can be customized according to your style. There’s no need for a separate accessory; you can enhance the look of your smartwatch simply by changing its face.

11: Last longer than 24 hours on a single charge

Although new generations of smartwatches, like Samsung Gear S2 and Apple Watch, might not last as long as previous models such as Pebble, they still provide enough juice to get through more than one day. This is significant, especially if you’re traveling and don’t have time for frequent charging. While some fitness trackers offer only 5-7 days of battery life, smartwatches can go on and on and on.

12: Customizable watch faces and bands

With different designs and looks (and some intelligent features) available in the market, you can be sure to find a smartwatch that fits your personal style. You can customize it with different straps & a new watch face depending upon your mood. Not only time but also wearable technology makes you look like a million bucks.

13: Reminders of everyday essentials

Reminders of everyday essentials such as eating or drinking too much at one time. Whether it’s reminding you to drink water every 15 minutes or monitoring how many hours are left for sleep, these sensors help keep users more aware of their daily necessities. People who had this problem earlier were not able to monitor themselves properly, and they would keep ignoring those alarms. But now, with those reminders, you can stick to a healthy lifestyle.

14: Continuous heart rate measurement

Many wearables on the market today have heart rate monitoring as a standard feature. Smartwatches track your heart rate continuously throughout the day, which allows our bodies to be more relaxed and healthy. They also monitor sleep patterns for deeper insight into what’s going on while we’re not looking at them.

15: Exclusive apps from top brands

Both Android Wear and Apple Watch have exclusive apps from leading brands such as The New York Times or Subway Surfers, offering an even better experience to users. So it makes sense to get a smartwatch if you’re a sportsperson, a foreign language learner, or just a big fan of that brand.

16: Built-in GPS and barometer sensors

Most high-end smartwatches have built-in GPS & barometer sensors for activity tracking. This means you can track your activities even if your smartphone isn’t around. The watch will know where exactly you’ve been and how far you traveled. It can even tell the number of flights climbed.

17: Pre-loaded fitness apps for on-the-go coaching

Wearable technology isn’t limited to basic stuff like counting steps or monitoring sleep anymore. The latest smartwatches come with pre-installed fitness apps that offer interactive coaching to users. These apps help in achieving your fitness goal by guiding & motivating you throughout. You can also store music on your devices so that you don’t have to carry a separate mp3 player while going for a jog.

18: Find your phone from your smartwatch

With Google’s new Android Wear, users will be able to find their phones from their smartwatch! This means that you can simply look at your wrist and find your phone anywhere, even if it’s on silent mode. It’s as easy as checking the time.

19: Keep an eye on messages while staying hands-free

Whether you’re driving, cooking, or working out, smartwatches let you read messages or answer calls without using your smartphone. You can use voice commands to keep reading messages and send a reply. Plus, most of them offer features like instant translation and find my phone, thanks to which you’re always connected to your smartphone.

20: Ability to draw emojis on your watch face

If there is one thing we love about smartwatches that would be their ability to show us notifications without having to look at our smartphones all the time. But did you know that there are some apps that allow users to draw emojis on their smartwatch face? There’s an app for Android wear called WatchMe, where your smartwatch can turn into a digital whiteboard.

21: Smartwatches connect with other wearables

Wearable technology isn’t restricted to smartwatches alone! Many wearables like fitness trackers and bands pair up seamlessly with smartwatches, which makes life easier by doing different things from one device. Wearables come with many sensors like heart rate monitors, GPS, and barometers, which smartwatches don’t have. C

22: Smartwatches help you get rid of extra battery chargers

Make no mistake: wearables require charging just like smartphones do. Fortunately, they last longer than smartphones and need half the amount of time to charge. All latest wearable devices come with wireless charging, which means you can simply put them on the dock without having to fumble around for the cable every time. A few models also offer water resistance so that you can keep it on while taking a shower or washing dishes.

23: Notifications on your wrist

Notifications are one of the most compelling reasons for opting for a smartwatch! It constantly reminds you of calls, messages & social media updates so that you don’t have to constantly take out your phone every time it beeps. The best thing about notifications on smartwatches is that they can be customized according to your taste.

24: Replaceable battery

Wearable devices have revolutionized consumer tech by offering long-lasting power, which results in more useful features. Whenever Apple launches a new version of its wearable, it makes headlines not just because of its sleek looks but also because of its superior battery life. This means users will need to charge their device only once or twice over the course of several.

25: Get your notifications without taking your phone out of your pocket

This feature is common to all smartwatches that don’t need the smartphone to be connected at all times. It is also found in fitness-tracking wearable devices. It means you can slip your smartphone into a locker and head for a run, knowing full well that you will receive timely updates on text messages and calls. Smartwatches with this capability save time and effort by eliminating the middleman: the smartphone itself.

The Crux

While smartphones have become a daily part of our lives almost everywhere, watches are still used by people around the world. Smartwatches aren’t meant to replace watches; they’re meant to supplement them by filling in where other devices cannot go. For instance: if you own a smartphone that has no access to cellular reception, then you won’t be able to call someone or read and reply to messages sent to you. However, as long as your phone and smartwatch are near each other, you can still read any notifications that come into your phone regardless of where you are. Smartwatches also have the ability to be much more customizable than phones by being able to change out bands to fit your mood or style for the day.

Also, smartwatches have become even more popular due to companies releasing cheaper products with lower prices, so people who couldn’t afford an expensive watch before now have the option of owning one themselves. As technology gets better and cheaper, it will become common practice for everyone to own a smartwatch soon enough. We need them because they are practical devices that don’t want us to take our eyes off our phones when we have important notifications. Smartwatches can be a great way to keep track of your health and fitness progress. They also help us get through the day more conveniently since you don’t always need your phone on you once they’re synced together. Smartwatches are here to stay and will only get better over time. People who think that watches are outdated or unnecessary should look into getting one before it’s too late.

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